Friday, June 29, 2012



Acuna Park, Montebello 2012

There are two things I absolutely love about this photo, 1. my snake skin pants and 2. my snake skin pants.  No, but really though after seeing these pants on @natybaby on Instagram I just fell in love.  I was hesitant to try them on because I wasn't sure how I felt about all that print.  I know printed pants are all the rage right now, but when you try anything new for the first time you seem to second guess yourself, at least I do.  After trying them on I loved them even more.  I love that the detailing on them is really subtle because it makes transitioning into printed pants a lot easier for someone who isn't used to them. (Like me!) 

This shot was taken at a local park by my house.  I love this bench because during the summer near sunset, you can get the coolest looking flare in all photos if you time your shot just right! 

Major shout out to Naty Michele who was the inspiration behind my outfit for this shot. You can check out her fashion blog at
or follow her on Instagram


  1. I absolutely adore her blog, too. She's a great inspiration. I love the pants! I know what you mean about printed / colored jeans. I used to be so scared of them, but once I got started, I can't stop! Haha! Great look! :)

  2. Yeah, i'm slowly working my way into them, but i can totally see how they can be addicting! They're all just so cute! :)